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Amie, Before and After Training at Bay Area Pilates TX in Friendswood, TX

Amie’s Story

When you are pregnant you get a lot of advice. From what to buy, to how to make your baby sleep, but one of the most beneficial pieces of advice I got was being encouraged to exercise throughout my pregnancy. I was able to continue my healthy lifestyle during pregnancy with the help of Cristie and Kim Anton at Underground Pilates and Barre. Pilates and Barre were so beneficial for me. By doing pilates and barre I was getting a tough workout that was safe for both baby and I.

Being pregnant can be exhausting, but doing pilates and barre help keep my energy levels up. I was toning and strengthening my muscles and my core that eventually helped me during labor and made labor a breeze. Now that my sweet little girl has arrived and a lot has changed, but one thing that has remained the same is the benefits of pilates and barre. I was back to my pre pregnancy weight very quickly, and it helped me get back to feeling like I did before the baby. Pilates and Barre has been such a wonderful addition to my exercise routine, and is something that will live by forever.
Angelique Before and After Training with Bay Area Pilates TX in Friendswood, TX

Angelique’s Story

We’ve been working with Angelique during the holiday break to get that college weight off. She’s looking slim and trim and feeling amazing. #pilates#trypilatesitworks #bestworkoutforwomen
Maria, Before and After Training at Bay Area Pilates TX in Friendswood, TX

Maria’s Story

Two years ago, I had given up on myself. No matter what I did–exercise like a mad woman, eat “right,” not eat at all, take weight loss supplements, etc., I just could not lose any weight. The last straw was going to New York to visit my friend and all I could talk about was how fat and unattractive I looked and felt. That was when my friend swore up and down about Pilates. She said I had to try, no, I needed to try reformer Pilates.

As soon as I arrived home from New York, I did my research around the area and found Cristie and Underground Pilates.  What attracted me at first was that the studio was in her house.    I figured, okay, it’s not in a big gym; I’ll be okay and I can learn more about this Pilates without totally looking green.  When I went to my first private session, Cristie made me feel really comfortable (no drill sergeants!) and the workout was nothing like I’ve ever done before.  Not only was the workout different, it didn’t make me feel so tired after I was done.  The next day was a different story, however.  I was hurting in places I never knew existed.  From then on, I knew I was hooked. 

I stayed with private sessions for a bit until Cristie convinced me I was ready for group classes.  Going to group classes gave me the variety I liked in my workouts.  I have done reformer, spring wall, stability chair, jumpboard, and mat classes–all of which are tough but very well worth it (not to mention the great and strong women I’ve met in these classes).  When Cristie moved to her present studio and added barre to her repertoire, I was excited but a little apprehensive.  I mean, what could a ballet-based workout do for me, a non-dancer?  The answer was definitely an eye-opener.  Barre may consist of small repetitive movements BUT boy, do I sweat like crazy every time!  This workout certainly raised the “barre” for me and I’m definitely obsessed.  Undoubtedly, the journey to changing my body at Underground Pilates and Barre has become an astonishing experience.

So, now, two years later, with regular barre and pilates workouts, I’m stronger and more flexible.  I have more energy and I feel leaner.  Since I could not lose any weight for a long time, I did not expect to lose 35 lbs. in the first year but I did!  I’ve also kept it off since then.  My posture is much improved and at age 43, I can even do splits!  Cristie and all the wonderful instructors at Underground Pilates and Barre have given me a precious gift these past two years–they have succeeded in making me like myself again…and that is priceless.
Lori After Training with Bay Area Pilates in Friendswood, TX

Lori’s Story

I have been taking Pilates from Cristie Anton for the past 7 years and it has proven to be life changing for me. My injuries stem back from a car wreck where I suffered whiplash and 3 herniated discs (C-5 and C-6, and L5-S1). At the time of the accident my two children were 6 and 10 years of age, so I knew that I needed to do something about my injuries. I met with an orthopedic and neural surgeon and they determined through physical therapy I could rehab my injuries and no surgery was needed. Yeah! …

Let me state that before the accident I did avid exercising by running and working out on weights at the gym. The first round of physical therapy last 8 months, but I continued to do rehabilitation exercises on my own. During the next 10 years, I would re-injure my back on an average of once a year, thus putting me back in physical therapy for a period of 4-6 months. Then I was introduced to Pilates and Cristie Anton’s studio, Underground Pilates. Pilates has been a blessing and through continued workouts I continue to live my life without any pain. I am able to once again due strenuous activities such as ziplining, repelling down a mountain, hiking, bicycling, snorkeling, and many other activities that require core strength. I attend a Pilates class twice and week and I can honestly say I feel absolutely pain free. When I go on vacation, I look for a Pilates class that I can take so I can keep in shape. if I miss a week or two, I can really tell the difference. I will forever be a Pilates believer and continue this for the rest of my life. After all, it’s all about a great quality of life!