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Using different Pilates equipment every week (Reformer, Chair or Spring Wall), this is a faster paced class to ensure a great workout.
For Intermediate clients, working on increasing flexibility and core strength. Each week the class will be challenged on a different piece of equipment (Chair, Reformer or Spring Wall).
This class is great for athletes and clients who have been taking Pilates extensively and want a challenge. We move at a fast pace for endurance. 
For a more experienced Pilates client, a physically and mentally more challenging workout. We use the different pieces of equipment, (i.e. Chair, Reformer, Cadillac and Barrels). You must have teacher's approval to enter).
The advanced pilates work is fun and rigorous!
This is a calorie burning, strength testing, challenge! Chair is the hardest of all the equipment. You must use your core to execute the exercises. The class will finish with Spring Wall stretches and spring work.

This Pilates Mat workout challenges and guides you through strength building and muscle toning exercises. Ultimately leading to a strong, sculpted and streamlined body, this routine uses the Exercise Mat, Arc Barrel, Fitness Circle®, Toning Balls™, Flex-Band® and Maple Pole. Each piece of equipment is designed to build core stability, improve balance and enhance neuromuscular coordination.

Core fusion will target your whole body with specific focus on the core muscles: abdominals, obliques, and back extensors. Utilizing body weight, light weights, resistance bands and stability balls, this class will create longer leaner muscles and a stronger, healthier core. Sculpted abs, arms and legs will improve your posture, strengthen your body and mind, and leave you feeling invigorated!


A total-body cardio and core program featuring innovative, yet simple JumpBoard/CardioTramp combinations on the Reformer that boost your metabolism and increase strength and flexibility.
Tone those legs!-This workout is a combination of springs, barre, and weight transfer.  We will balance the workout with arm springs, supported push-ups and abdominal exercises. Set to music, this class is sure to get your heart pumping while improving balance,bone density, and flexibility. Spring work is excellent at strengthening your body symmetrically. 
The Ball allows a full range of motion and optimum body positions for any exercises (that would be uncomfortable on the floor or weight bench). We will be using the different size balls, weights, and bands for a tough, fun workout!
Pilates equipment class that circulates between the reformer and the spring wall. The spring wall offers unilateral work to strengthen both sides of the body evenly. We strengthen the sides and back of the legs as well as the arms! The reformer is great for creating a strong core. We also do extension and balance work. This class is great for clients who want to incorporate more of the equipment into their work out.
Get ready to sweat! This high intensity core class keeps you moving the whole hour with 35 minutes at the barre with sliders and 25 min on the mat. A great full body work out incorporating stamina and endurance intervals.
No cheating here! The Spring Wall Equipment allows for full range of motion while at the same time providing progressive resistance  and isolation of specific muscle groups.
The emphasis will be on both stretching and toning, with segments dedicated to strengthening the abdominals and rotator cuff work with flex bands. 
This class will flow and with pilates challenges. We will challenge the abdominals, while working legs, arms and  back muscles. We will complete the workout with a standing series on the Reformer (great for balance and toning legs).
Wednesday weights will incorporate free weights, ankle weights, and toning balls! We do Barre moves and some cardio!