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Cristie discovered her love of teaching when she taught her first aerobics class in New York City in 1979. After getting married to her husband David, and starting a family, she continued teaching a variety of fitness classes. In 1999, she took a Pilates workshop and felt an instant connection and love for the practice. "It works every muscle in your body and leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated." Cristie Anton became a certified instructor with STOTT PILATES® in 2002. She is certified in Intensive and Advanced Mat Level 2, Intensive Reformer Level 1, Advanced Reformer,and Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. Cristie has just completed the Injuries and Special Populations Course. She is working toward the specialty tracks of Athletic Conditioning and Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning. Her continuing education with STOTT ® PILATES courses and workshops keeps her knowledgeable and informed. She is also certified with American and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and is CPR certified through the American Heart Association.

Cristie instructs the following:
  • Core Conditioning
  • This Pilates Mat workout challenges and guides you through strength building and muscle toning exercises. Ultimately leading to a strong, sculpted and streamlined body, this routine uses the Exercise Mat, Arc Barrel, Fitness Circle®, Toning Balls™, Flex-Band® and Maple Pole. Each piece of equipment is designed to build core stability, improve balance and enhance neuromuscular coordination.

  • Barre w/ Springs

  • This workout utilizes the resistance of the springs from the Springwall. It is both challenging and fun! This will surely tone your legs, arms and glutes.

  • Reformer/Spring Wall/Chair
  • For Intermediate clients, working on increasing flexibility and core strength. 

  • Athletic Conditioning W/ Equipment (payment optional)
  • Using different Pilates equipment every week (Reformer, Chair or Spring Wall), this is a faster paced class to ensure a great workout.
    This is a payment optional, donation class for everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey!

  • Advanced Reformer
  • This class is great for athletes and clients who have been taking Pilates extensively and want to work on endurance. We move at a fast pace and incorporate all pieces of equipment: Chair, Reformer, Tower, and Spring Wall. 

  • Pilates Equipment:Lite
  • This class will improve strength, balance and flexibility. The transitions are a bit slower to connect with the body-mind experience.

  • Spring Wall Circuit
  • No cheating here! The Spring Wall Equipment allows for full range of motion while at the same time providing progressive resistance  and isolation of specific muscle groups.
    The emphasis will be on both stretching and toning, with segments dedicated to strengthening the abdominals and rotator cuff work with flex bands. 

  • Springs for the Cure
  • This is a great opportunity to work, sweat, lengthen and tone for cure!  We use spring  (either Spring Wall or Reformer) equipment to have an invigorating, toning class. All proceeds will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Suggested donation is $20.00